Beauty School 911 - "Beauty is the ultimate truth"
"The ART of personal and professional presentation."


Whether you are in the midst of a life change or want to position yourself for success these workshops will transform your life ! Dispel self-limiting beliefs and awaken all you can be in a fun format that includes a vision board process and the "how to" skills of Appearance, Behavior and Communication.
The finishing school of today; personal skills, social and business etiquette, individual style and "Dress for Success" presentation, meticulous  grooming, communication, ethics and codes of conduct, body language and posture, family legacy and career building are integral topics in these uplifting workshops. 

These classes promise to spark your creativity , expand your self awareness and instill a greater sense of your own potential. Learn the abc's of how to present yourself with  that extra POLISH, POISE and GRACE that will make you shine in any social situation. Empower yourself with the confidence to look like a model, lead like a president, and carry yourself with the grace of a ballerina! 

"The Art of Personal Presentation" - 4 weeks (10 hours): $279 investment

 Deborah or contacting Deborah directly: 720-470-2318
 Accepting cash, check, paypal and all major credit cards.

 Please let me know your interest! Classes are scheduled by demand and age groups although teens and moms go great together as well as carreer oriented professionals.
I will work with a group of six or more. Individual mentoring is available and determined with an audition and private interview.

New! "Well Groomed" - $125.00 
A 90 minute make-over with tips on colors, make-up, style & impeccable grooming.